How can I order Teva Home products?

We don’t sell our products directly; you can buy dining chairs and barstools from our retailers. You also can contact us and we will recommend or give information about the most reliable retailers.

Is it possible to purchase Teva Home products directly from the factory?

It is unfortunately impossible to purchase products directly from the factory. Our products are available through different retailers in your area.

What is your furniture made of?

The Teva Home products are mainly made of different wood species as oak or beech.

What seat materials do you use?

Most of our armchairs, bars stools and dining chairs are upholstered into stain resistant fabric or high quality synthetic leather.

Are your chairs strong?

We produce all of our chairs to the highest standard, and all are designed to suit users of various weights.

Will your chairs affect my floors?

All our products made of oak, beech and other wood species according to the European technologies, so they are totally safe for any type of floor covering. 

Do your products come with a guarantee?

Yes, all of our chairs come with a two-year guarantee.

Do your chairs require assembly?

Almost all our products come pre-assembled, but there is ones that require some kind of assembly. For example, they can come without seat but all the rest assembled.

Can Teva Home products be used outdoors?

Teva Home products are designed and made only for an indoor residential use.

Is your furniture commercial grade?

Yes, all our dining chairs and bar stools are commercial grade. We sell directly to hotels, restaurants and bars.

What is the difference between commercial grade and residential furniture?

Specifically designed and built for intense commercial usage in the bar, hospitality and restaurant industries our furniture ensures high-quality. Tevahome’s wooden dining chairs are strength tested and approved.

How should I maintain restaurant dining chairs and bar stools?

Hospitality dining chairs and bar stools by Tevahome is easy to care for and can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

What is important when buying restaurant chairs or restaurant quality bar stools?

What we are able to do here at Tevahome is a several step process. With dining chairs presented at our website, we are able to show our capability and diversity of product, function, design, and budget. We try to make our furniture available to everyone.

How much does one of your dining or restaurant chairs cost?

The price of the chair will all depend on the type of chair you want, lead time required, your budget and the quantity.

How accurate are the dimensions in your product descriptions?

Sometimes measurements are rounded only to the nearest Inch. Please consult us if exact measurements are important to you. We are not responsible for any standard variations.