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At home, you always try to create a warm atmosphere, and integral part of it is reliable and beautiful dining chairs and bar stools. It's nice to lean back, relax in a good seat when you feel comfort, appetite, and mood improves.

Chair in the interior: characteristics and design features

The existing variety of types and forms of chairs from Teva Home can be divided into three main groups:

  • Dining chairs;
  • Bar stools;
  • Armchairs.

Types of materials for chairs

Strength, durability, and comfort of chairs depending on materials used to create it. But, after all, everyone selects these pieces of furniture according to its look in a complete interior of an apartment, so Teva Home manufactures armchairs, dining chairs and bar stools made of wood, which is considered as the universal product that suits almost in all style directions.

Wooden dining chairs & modern bar stools

Wooden chairs will add solidity and elegance to any type of interior style. The color and texture of natural wood will suit to all houses and create an atmosphere of special warmth and coziness. The price of the product depends on the type of wood and the method of production. From wood are made all possible types of modern dining chairs.

Accommodation of chairs in the interior

The appearance of the chair is determined by where you are going to put it. Dining room, kitchen or living room, everywhere there is a place for this familiar piece of furniture, and everywhere it will look different. Chairs in the interior of the kitchen should withstand temperature and humidity changes, easy to wash and be strong.  All chairs from our company are stain resistant and covered with special fabric that allows using them in any temperature conditions.

Chairs for dining room

Teva Home offers chairs for dining room with European design, soft seats, and fabric upholstery. There are also ones with hard seating and upholstery made of leather that is easy to care for. To be aware of inconvenience the back of the chair is not too high.

Interesting option, especially for small dining rooms is wooden armchairs. They do not clutter the room, look very interesting, adding to the interior the game of light glare from a smooth surface.

Modern dining chairs from Teva Home, above all, comfortable, and will not distract from eating. However, this does not mean that they are boring. The chairs designed by well-known designers will fully satisfy all the requirements, adorn the room with uniqueness and charm.

Design of chairs in a modern interior

Styles in which chairs can be made, there is an infinite number. Almost they have something in common with the styles of the design itself, but we divided them into several groups:

  • Traditional;
  • Modern;
  • Mid-century.


If you need to buy dining chairs for a modern interior - choose models that have wooden construction with leather upholstery. These kinds of modern dining chairs will look great with glass tables. Also, wooden chairs perfectly underline the style and texture of a natural wooden table.

Dining chairs for traditional room

The chairs for the classic interior are undoubtedly the best solution for people who aspire to moderate luxury. Classic does not go out of fashion, does not lose its appearance and will serve you more than 50 years. But it also does not tolerate experiments, so Teva Home provides carefully selected color palette, upholstery materials, and decor.

Mid-century styled dining chairs

Furniture in modern mid-century style is very simple. An important feature of the chosen aesthetic direction is a light palette with elements of beige, gray, blue. Dining chairs in this design are relevant for owners of small houses, as well as dark rooms. It will visually expand the space and fill the interior with airiness.

Color solutions

It all depends on whether you want to “hide” your chairs, leaving them a purely utilitarian function, or you want to draw attention on them, turning them into an interior accent. In the first case, there are colors that are close to the background color — walls or other furniture. For the second, Teva Home contrary has chairs with contrasting and even bright colors.

It is not necessary to do all the upholstery of chairs of the same color; it is enough to single out only one accent tone, leaving the rest in the background scale.

Uniform or mismatched chairs in the interior

The usual option — a set of dining chairs, which allows you to sit the family. These four or six chairs, as a rule, are completely identical. Try to abandon the standard scheme and combine different chairs in the interior of one room. The result can turn out great.

  • Do you want to fit an unusual chair into the existing dining group? Find one with the same upholstery color and the chair will look great in the existing set;
  • Place chairs of different shapes next to each other painted in one color. The resulting group will add to interior the originality and good mood;
  • The use of different shades of the same color can also serve as a uniting agent;
  • Boring dining chairs can be radically transformed if you paint same objects in different colors;
  • Collect the differently shaped chairs, color them in one color, and tighten the seats with the same material.


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