Dining Chairs

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Modern dining is not only a functional area for cooking and eating food but also a comfortable place for socializing with a family and friends. Wooden dining chairs are the important elements of the dining interior.

Advantages and characteristics of restaurant cafe chairs

Solid wood dining chairs add touch of refinement and respectability to interior, because the natural materials will never be out of trend. Teva Home’s restaurant chairs commercial differ from other types in a number of advantages:

 • Made of environmentally friendly materials;
 • High strength and durability;
 • Wide choice of design solutions;

Wood is an environmentally friendly material that does not have any pollution in its composition.

Fact: contact with natural wood has a positive effect on the health and well-being of people, especially useful for young children and is important for allergy sufferers.
In addition, the wood is in demand among designers, because it allows creating a variety of styling and interior solutions.

Material Features
For the manufacture of chairs, Teva Home uses the following types of wood: beech, oak. The wood of coniferous trees is unpretentious in maintenance, reliable, has a long service life. Oak dining chairs are often found attractive to users with aesthetics and durability of service. Hardwoods are characterized by increased hardness, that's why we make premium-class chairs. The best chairs for restaurant dining room are from durable and aesthetically perfect oak.

Tip: when purchasing restaurant chairs from solid wood, it is necessary to make sure of its high-quality drying and absence of resin on the surface.

Dining room chairs from wood in the interior

Wooden dining chairs for sale are usually bought by connoisseurs of the classics. But the consumer qualities of this furniture from Teva Home make it special accent in any interior:

 • Luxurious and noble appearance even with the simplest design;

 • Universality. The material just cannot get out of fashion, this furniture fits any interior;

 • Reliability and durability, which allow restaurant chairs contemporary to serve several generations;

 • Ecological cleanliness. Wood not only does not emit harmful substances, it can improve the micro climate of the room;

Advice: wooden chairs should not be used on heated floors because heat can cause drying of the material, which will lead to cracks and weakening of fasteners.

How to profitably purchase wooden kitchen chairs

Those who are looking wooden hospitality chairs black for sale at affordable price, you should look to our catalog. In Teva Home web-site products from famous European designers are presented, which pleases with a wide choice of design solutions, European quality products, long service life and affordable price. Advantages of applying to us - the promptness of the application, the assistance of professional consultants and designers, fast delivery to any part of the US.

Bar Stools

Chairs for Cafe, Restaurants and Bars

Chairs for cafe, restaurants, and bars are irreplaceable attribute of any restaurant business establishment. If you need stylish wooden dining chairs for restaurants and cafes, you can find them at Tevahome!

We represent a wide selection of quality furniture at affordable prices. The range includes products of classic and modern design. Each piece in the catalog has a unique style and concise design. It means that you can find elegant solutions for the interior of your establishment.

Chairs - an Indispensable Part of the Interior

Wooden chairs for restaurants and cafes are considered as a classic option. They combine elegance, nobility, practicality and a high level of comfort and safety. Through the use of natural material, they allow you to make the decoration of the establishment not only spectacular but also cozy.

Why choose us?

The advantages of chairs for a restaurant or cafe by TevaHome:

  • Choice. Here you will find many sophisticated models of restaurant chairs and contract bar stools of various styles and colors. This allows you to make the best choice, taking into account all your preferences;
  • Quality. All products are durable, feature elegant appearance and comfort of use;

Best offer. We provide wooden hospitality chairs at the best prices in the market, while guaranteeing a high level of service.

Tevahome - affordable quality furniture with genius design - with us it is possible!