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The richness of the natural wood, the refinement and sophistication, Teva Home offers you a dream come true!

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Commercial Chairs: How to Organize the Original Interior Design

Choice of furniture depends on the specific factors. It requires considering the type of the establishment, the frequency of its use, budget, design and many other significant moments. In luxury restaurants, the preference is given to quality wood chairs, in sidewalk cafes - plastic chairs. It all relays on where and how often this piece of furniture will be used.

There are a lot of organizations where furniture is a more functional part of the interior than decorative. For example, most hotels use upholstered hospitality chairs of high-quality.

Contract Dining Chairs: How to choose?

There are three important moments you should consider before buying contract grade dining chairs:

Classification of commercial grade furniture by Tevahome


Here you will find both high stools for bars (with upholstery and without), as well as restaurant dining chairs made of wood. There are also beautiful armchairs.


Our dining chairs are made of high-grade wood and are ideal for mid-century, modern and traditional style restaurants, cafes and pubs. Not only functional but also comfy, Tevahome dining chairs and bar stools feature plush upholstery.


In our company catalog, you will find contract chairs and contract bar stools of any color in a wide range of design options. We provide commercial furniture for places of any style - from classic to high-tech.